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Fab Or Free Satisfaction Guarantee

We have made our guarantee super simple – it is exactly what it suggests – your product is Fab(ulous) or it's free! (Ziltch – nada – nicht – you gettin’ what we’re puttin’ down!)

We are confident in the value of our products, and we want to give YOU - our awesome customers - the ABSOLUTE BEST PEACE OF MIND SHOPPING EXPERIENCE ONLINE… EVER – PERIOD!!!

Does it get any better than that? Buy with confidence knowing that if you aren’t happy, simply submit a request for a refund and keep the product too!

And yes, we know there will be a very small number of highly dishonest peeps out there who will abuse this – but we have total faith that the other 99.999999999% of our awesome customers will use this guarantee in a fair manner - and in the way it is intended - to deliver you the ABSOLUTE BEST PEACE OF MIND SHOPPING EXPERIENCE ONLINE… EVER – PERIOD!!!

Just a couple of really simple conditions – and a couple of points we ask you to consider too!

Very Lenient (Loose, Almost Laughable) Conditions of Fab Or Free Guarantee:

  1. Guarantee request MUST be received WITHIN 30 days of ordering your product.
  2. Products with a cost of less than $2 are excluded and are non refundable - so to be clear, only products with an actual PRODUCT cost GREATER THAN $2 qualify for the Fab Or Free Guarantee. (We don't have - or plan to have - any in this price range - but needed to mention it just in case!)
  3. Our extremely rare promotional products that are offered for free are exempt from the Fab Or Free Guarantee, as they have a $0 price - you just cover shipping on these deals.
  4. We will refund to you the PRODUCT PRICE of the item, less any shipping paid on the order - eg. if your product total including shipping was $5, and shipping cost was $2, we will refund you the $3 product cost.
  5. If the item was purchased with a FREE SHIPPING DEAL - we do ask that you cover shipping at a very reasonable and highly discounted flat rate of $5. 
    eg. Say you buy an item for $20 with FREE SHIPPING - if you request a refund we will refund $15 - being the $20 - $5 towards the cost of shipping (which is still less than we pay!) Please note that most other refund guarantee terms will require you to ship the product back at your own expense and inconvenience. 
  6. If you buy multiple items we will only refund the first item - unless the item/s were faulty.
  7. Ooooh nearly forgot – by law we are not allowed to refund perishable products – like foods or pet consumables etc – but hey, email us anyway if you are unsure about whether your product fits in this category and we’ll do our best to try and make it NOT fit in it!!!
  8. Faulty items are also covered by this guarantee. Of course in the very rare chance that you receive a faulty item, we would first ask that you allow us the opportunity to replace it at our expense.

You have the sole discretion of deciding whether your purchase is fabulous or not… we aim to please during our product selection process – but hey we are all different right?!

What we DO ASK is that you please take a moment to consider if requesting a refund under this guarantee is fair… not much to ask really is it?

We will honor your request regardless (provided it meets the criteria above) but we do ask that you pause a moment before acting upon it.

For example, if you paid $1.00 for a product, and you have seen similar products that you or someone else paid say $50 for, is it fair to compare these two items and expect EXACTLY the same features/quality/outcome? Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t… but that’s all we ask you to consider BEFORE requesting a refund under this guarantee!

How Easy Is It To Claim This Guarantee?

This easy…1,2,3 – follow these steps:

  1. Go to our contact us form and send us a contact request – be sure to make the subject line: “FAB OR FREE REFUND REQUEST” (in uppercase too – “yell” at us to make sure we jump to it pronto!)
  2. Give us feedback on why you are requesting a refund – we plan to use this to improve our products and services for you guys – but so far haven’t had any returned so we must be doing something right huh?!
  3. Provide your order number and payment method so we can track you down in our system – or at least track down your order anyway!

Please allow us up to 7 days to receive and process your refund/fault request - hang tight we will ALWAYS email you back ASAP… and most usually you can expect to hear from us within 24-48 hours except in peak ordering periods.

Last Step – once we process your request we will process a refund for you and advise you that it has been completed via email.

Now is THAT going the extra mile to ensure your peace of mind whilst shopping with us today or what?!

Looking forward to fulfilling your order for you today – and REMEMBER, we also process 100% of our transactions via Stripe & PayPal for your extra peace of mind along with super security for your payment details too!